🌍 The Guide – How to Build Successful Micro Niche Sites with AdSense 🔝

1. Get the right EMD (Exact Match Domain)
Simple task right? Well not that simple guys, let’s not rush, the right keyword is going to help you big time ranking your micro niche website and with proper analisys using Google Keyword PlannerGoogle Trends, Amazon Trends, magazines, and even ads you see often will help you brainstorm ideas on the way.

2. Local vs Global Micro Niche
Whenever you choose local or global micro niches you always should choose a keyword with no more than 5.000
monthly searches, because your domain is EMD your website tend to rank higher. Very important, before you register a domain make sure is a virgin domain name and there’s no reference about it, you can check it with Way BackMachine.

3. Research and Publish Original and Helpful Articles
After you decide the micro niche you’ll have to create compelling articles. Only original and helpful information will bring you number one place in Google which result in lots of dollars. Never, I mean it, never try to cheat like others,
I’m talking here about stupid people publishing articles copied from other authors or modified in a way or other.

4. Best Ways to Monetize Your Micro Niche Site
Perhaps the most easiest and most profitable would be monetization with AdSense, but you could monetize with related products as well, and programs like ClickBank covering almost every topic is so easy to make the dollars roll in your bank account, from ClickBank you’re going to earn at least 50% commissions per sale, don’t neglect small and dedicated affiliate programs, they covert better and that’s because marketer behind it work 24/7 to improve conversation.

5. Count Your Money and Invest in More Micro Niche Sites
The best thing you can do is to keep your earned money till the day you know you have enough to start another micro
niche site, and repeat the process and make more money and so on. This is the beauty when you make money online.
You have limitless micro niches and all you need is time and a bit of money for domain & web hosting.

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