🎞 The Guide – How to Make Money on YouTube 🎞

Do you have a YouTube channel where you upload your valuable and interesting videos? Find out you can turn your hobby into a good pastime by going the monetization route. It will help motivate and encourage you to even do more. If you have been looking at how to make money with your videos, then use these practicable ways:

Be a YouTube Partner: simply verify our account and then enable monetization, then apply for traditional Google Adsense account from Google company if you don’t have one so that ads will show on your channel and you’ll be getting paid when you reach the minimum 70 euros every month by Check, bank transfer or Western Union Transfer.

Be a seller or a youtubepreneur: You can buy anything cheap online and sell it on your channel to make a profit. You could advertise any item on your YouTube channel to sell from digital to physical items. You could just upload somereview or a tutorial about the items and get people to buy for your profit.

Be an affiliate to affiliate programs: you can drive traffic to your affiliate sites through your affiliate link inserted into your YouTube channel description. You would make a commission if it was a sale site like Amazon.com or Clickbank or CJ Affiliate by Conversant (formerly CommissionJunction).

Become Brand’s influencer: Business owners are always looking out for ways and means to get their products out there, of course, they can’t do it alone, then you can snap up the opportunity of approaching them with your channel to help advertise and influence your subscribers to buy their products for a fee. You can make a lot of money this way alone.

Sell your content to make money: Do you make videos that go viral, and then you can make money with them. Sell them if the media companies approach you to purchase them or ask for a license to use them for a fee but if none approaches you, you can list them on a marketplace like the juken media, where your video can be seen by many users to patronize you.

Donations from your users: if your videos are quite useful and valuable to your users, they might want to reward you for a job well done, so always put up good videos for your users. This could be achieved through YouTube fan funding, patronizing and by tipeee.

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